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Outlast is a first person horror game that borrows from classic amnesia, and the new season by clicking on the function of choice, which gives some personality.

What you need to experience to survive the madness of violence and death, used the shelter terbiar.Dengan intelligent plot, excellentcontrol and compression set of points butt is the worst game ever created to survive promisesto. But this?

Blood, guts ikrov

Outlast scary – in pershy.Gulnya good work gets you in the shoes of the protagonist, Maylz Upshur, and make sure that you have a hard time (which seems to point). Historythis is normal, but it is very effective on the screen, especially a lot of blood and blood baked realistic scenes. Outlast is a game that is not for the faint of heart: it is full of violence and really get under the skin.

now chasperezhyve make a mistake, you can not do anythe usual horror game. usonovy first time, scary, frustrating and upsetting, and it’s really terrible game, the kind that makes your hair andapada end and pulse race. But Afterthe first strike, survive slipping into a routine. He “went» prettyfast end resources and therefore every call in a game full of smallweather.co.ua above changes, which means that they must overcome inalmost the same way every time, too, “Come here, activateaatau arm and repeat.”

Outlast It rarely a linear, see gulnide you travel, open a door or enter the number that you do not need. linearity has two distinctpurposes: first, to make you afraid. jikaKawalan didn’thave game, what you do or where you go, it can not aktyvuvatydeyaki unexpected events thatmake you jump out of yourchair.

The second effect of linearity is that if you look closely at you’llsee survive it, it just gergasiteka puzzle. Eachpart of the game has a certain order, and if you do not do this chynamto, you probably will not survive. Definition of “invisible way” – bits, which includes crawling on all fours, hiding in the closet or under the bed, or bounce bihtydeformedenemies life in pursuit of hate – iakunci to progress in the game.

Will survivedo not try (or not) psychological terrorizing you for the first hour. Once you are past injuries thisinitial, survive only courage, andmutilation blood, accompanied by some fear is chasnoemercu very large number.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because, among other things, to experience to knowwhen to activate the procedure and make you plakatyvasha have. But unlike other games such as Amnesia (a lot of games for the genre) where you really protected fearthroughout atmosphere of the game and history is going to survive only «BOO easy! I’m afraid! “Moments.

realistic movement

One of the mainofOutlastzyavlyaetstsa control points and they affectthe game. Although he bermainlikeany first game to another, our movement on the screen is very realistic: the body loose, rukypidtrymaty us thefloor or rounded corners, the way we manage and view all of the controls transmitrealism, humanmovement and puts you firmly in the shoes of the poor Miles.

camcorderIa is only a tool in the game. It serves you see in the dark using infrared regime, but the battery is low, if vyvykarystovvats, and you have to find a replacement through the levels. Using the camera offers a lot of pressingpoints in Outlast, although it is impossible that you will work on battery power because the game is balancing the level of security complexity youbatteries, when you need it.

great graphics and powerful sound

Outlast using Unreal Engine 3. It is also used and amnyadengan well. Better yet, if midrange computercan deduct itslimits, but still enjoy vydatnympraduktsyynasts.

Game combineslight and shadow, and the infrared camera is very good impression (kamerafilteris very realistic). Blood on the walls, the remains bertaburandi place, courage – and assome one of the funniest things you see on your trip – well worth mentioning.

In general,Outlast has excellent graphics that marred a bit annoying problem that is typical of the Unreal Engine 3, as physical objects exist (the ones that look like non-bearing walls … aarrgh!)

When it comes to sound real star -The game-Outlast very strong horror. Dialogue spooky, otherworldly sounds and screams,steps, things break, all focused on penyediaananda terrible experience.


Outlast great game a bit scary, and there are moments that will take some time toforget. All products are characteristic footage of the game is very linear, it does not accept the design sempurnaperingkat. Controls and some sceneswhich diysnovydilyayutsya.

Outlast is the best horror game of all time? Ultimately, it depends on who is playing and how sensitive they are. But in any case, if you like the genre, you should definitely try memberidia.

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