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Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is one of the latest versions from the long line of research for Microsoft development. One of the most widely used platforms for the development of approved industrial-level applications is quickly available for all your requirements for Windows software.


WhenYou are a software developer your work is your art. The development studio should help routine tasks and allow you to focus on creating software. Microsoft VisualStudio 2013 has these qualities in shovels. Editor imarakanuni the presenceDebugging and management codes allows you to track changes in the rules of work either independently or as part of a team. Looking at the code inside and out, as well as other management tools allows you to have a team working on a wowoteukubwa project of any size. Test the source code and publishYour project all development environment.

The industry leader

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 is one of the premierotdevelpoment objects in existence and a high standard of quality in both environmental masomona production. This message is not different and has the following values ​​up to. Create a test and publishAll in one studio and tools that help to increase your program to the next level. Join industry leaders and Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

MicrosoftVisual Studio 2015 Professional and Business Update 2

This production release (RTM) in Visual Studio includes many new features and updates,As alatkiza development of Windows applications, universal, cross-platform mobile development for iOS, Android and Windows, including Xamarin, Apache Cordoba, in addition more. And now you can see Visual Studio 2015 features in action; Watch the video on Channel 9.

Important: Visual Studio 2015 RTM can be usedFor creating software for Windows, Universal 29/07/2015; For more information, check the release date and compatibility: Visual Studio2015 and Windows 10 package.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2:

Visual Studio:

-Visual Studio Tools for Apache Córdoba

– development toolsVisual Studio Universal App for Windows

-Visual C ++

– C # and Visual Basic

– .NET Framework

– Visual Studio IDE

– NuGet

– handwriting

– developers and analysts tools

– Team Explorer

– SQL Server Tools, Data

– Python zanakwa Visual Studio

– Miscellaneous

Other changes:

– Performance and reliability

– Correcting errors and possibleProblems

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